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If you found a dog 

There are many possible alternatives you can consider that may be better for the stray pet. However, there are also several problems you might encounter after having found a dog. 

If you encounter one of the following issues, you can approach us in your search of the solution. 

Shelter Issues 

Consider finding a new home for the pet while they stay with you. However, if you can no longer take care for your dog, you can always check our website for the closest adoption center. 

Adoption centers take in both owned as well as stray animals. You can contact us if you’re struggling with your hunt for a suitable home.  

Financial Troubles 

Having financial troubles? If so, we might be able to help you. You can reach out to us and we’ll provide you with resources and information about financial assistance programs for pets. 

We also may be able to provide you with recommendations for adoption centers that offer temporary food for your pet and low cost vaccines or medicines. 

Medical and Behavioral Issues 

If the dog you recently found is experiencing some medical or behavior issues, we have some helpful advice that may help with your problem. Just contact Paws of Tomorrow and you’ll receive suggestions and advice based on your circumstances. 

We will also give you contact information of adoption centers that may further help you with medical issues. 

What happens in adoption centers? 

After getting contact to adoption centers, expect for officers to come and pick up your dog. They will then spend time on gathering information about the animal. After taking care of the dog, adoption centers will make effort into finding new owners for the dogs. You can be assured that you pet will be safe and taken care of in adoption centers.