The Dangers of Leaving Your Dog Inside Your Car 840x200 - The Dangers of Leaving Your Dog Inside Your Car

The Dangers of Leaving Your Dog Inside Your Car

It’s already well-known that the inside of a vehicle can quickly become dangerously hot due to the recent YouTube video of a veterinarian proving this.

Within just 30 minutes, the inside of the car reached the temperature of 47°C. The place doesn’t have to be a desert or something like that. Wherever it may be, the inside of a car can increase its temperature rapidly.

But why is it that not a researcher, but a veterinarian proved this? That’s because pet owners usually leave their pets inside their car, and it’s so people will know the dangers of doing so.

The rapid increase of temperature on hot days

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It’s already an established fact that the temperature inside of a vehicle will inevitably increase on hot days. However, a common misconception that people have is that it only happens on hot days.

It’s important to remember that even cooler days can be dangerous for pets and kids alike on being locked inside vehicles.

Researchers tested this and found that after an hour on a 100°F day, the temperature can reach 157°F. But even when parked in a shade, the temperature reached 118°F after an hour.

Shorter trips can lead to life and death situations

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It’s true that it gets very hot after an hour, and it will not be that hot when you leave your dogs for just 10 minutes or so. However, it’s still going to be hot.

The rapid increase in temperature inside a car will mean that each minute counts for your dog. Additionally, the situation doesn’t necessarily go as you say. If you say you’ll come back after 5 minutes, it might take 15, and that huge difference will put much pressure on your pet.

Dogs are more prone to heat stroke

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Dogs are also more prone to heat stroke. While dogs can get used to hotter temperatures, or even colder, they can’t do this on the spot.

Dogs also have a mechanism or method that they use if ever the temperature of their environment goes beyond the optimum range.

However, that mechanism won’t work if it’s too hot or too cold. Additionally, dogs can’t sweat and therefore, they’re much more sensitive to heat injury and heat stroke.

Then what happens during summer?

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Now you know that dogs are more sensitive to heat, but does that mean they will suffer from heat stroke even without getting left in a hot car?

Yes, they are more susceptible to heat injury and so you should be mindful of the environment of your dogs especially during summers. The best place they could be is inside the house.

However, it’s not as if you can determine immediately that they are suffering from the excessive heat. As far as you’re concerned, they might be barely hanging there as they’re in the brink of heat stroke.

That’s why you should know the signs of when your dog is suffering from heat stroke. These include depression, weakness, excessive panting, increased salivating, and vomiting.

Bonding with your dogs with road trips is great, but you should take precautions. The high temperature inside your car is only one of these precautions. If you think you can’t handle these trouble by yourself, you can Paws of Tomorrow and ask for assistance when you’re bonding with your dog during warm weathers.

Saving Dogs from the Meat Trade 840x200 - Saving Dogs from the Meat Trade

Saving Dogs from the Meat Trade

I think we can all agree that the meat trade is a place no dog should have to endure. The tight space in tiny wire cages won’t allow for dogs to escape, let alone move on their own.

Water wasn’t available, and so is food. The way they are being handled is so violent that they get covered in wounds even before they arrive on the meat market. Surely any animal placed in that situation will be terrified and gasping for air.

This is how dogs are being handled and transported to the meat market in places you would never expect. Not only that, but after the transport, they will only end up being sold off and get slaughtered for food.

To give you an idea of how to handle these situations, take a look at the case of 202 dogs being saved that transpired in China.

The Case in Hunan China

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Saving Dogs from the Meat Trade

As the normal routine of dog meat trade was currently happening, activists have gone to the scene where they stopped the truck heading for the meat marketing carrying 202 dogs. At that moment, they immediately contacted local authorities for help.

Contacting the Local Authorities

Now take note that these dogs are usually stolen and not stray, although there are some that have no owners. As such, the driver of the truck couldn’t prove that he owned the dogs he was carrying. This resulted to police removing the 202 animals and handing them over to the activists/rescuers.

Moving the Dogs to Multiple Local Animal Hospitals

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Although the dogs were exhausted and on the brink of death, they are finally free. The rescuers moved the dogs to multiple local animal hospitals.

It’s important that the dogs are transported to multiple hospitals as it may overwhelm the staff if they’re only put into one. If that happens, treatment of these dogs may be delayed and those that are abused too much may not be able to begin their second chance at life.

Death of Some Dogs

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The dogs rescued are not exactly assured a second chance due to too much trauma that they’ve suffered. They might even be infected with distemper, a contagious virus that can potentially cause infection within groups of dogs.

That’s also why 13 over the 200 dogs passed away despite the care and gentle treatment they received in the hands of the rescuers.

Regular Check-Ups

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Due to the fact that these dogs came from household and had their own families, they tend to be friendly despite being abused and treated violently. However, some doesn’t really get socially friendly.

As such, the ones who rescued them regularly visited them, as it should be. Check out how they’re doing and if they’re undergoing some improvements through the training and care they’re receiving.

There are countries where these cruel behaviors are happening. Millions of dogs (and cats) are being slaughtered and authorities should put effort into preventing this from happening. Of course, that’s not the only case of dog cruelty. There are also those that are abandoned. If you happen to find and adopt a dog, Paws of Tomorrow can help you take care of them.